I ordered my dogs medication on 3/18. They debited my acct.

for the entire amt. 219.00 the following day. It is now 3/27....no meds. I called yesterday and spoke with a woman with a very heavy accent.

She said we will send an email tracking etc. Nothing received. I asked to speak with her supervisior. Enter Allison.

Allison is obviously frustrated and has a hostile way of communicating. She said she would send an email confirmation. I asked her to call instead. I didn't hear anything either way.

Today I called my bank to dispute the charge. They called with me on the line. Immediately Allison came up with a tracking number for my package. So, almost 10 days later they are shipping my product.

I won't deal with them anymore. My dog has been without medications for several days. I did order medications from another online company this morning as well, they have a high customer rating.

So I have 500.00 floating in cyberspace and no meds. Pro Kennel is not worth the frustration.

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Troy, Michigan, United States #696899

The day I receive this bag sipper got stuck, is cheap, and this is the answer.. :upset I am the owner of ProKennel, I want you to pay close attention to this email Iam sending you.

I tried to tell you this on the phone but you kept talking over me.

To return that Pet Bag, if the zipper is not working properly send a photo to me through email in a return email, if the zipper is not working Snoozer will arrange a pick up for this and we can credit this back.

If the zipper is not broken I need for you to respond to me in this email , I will need to send to you a return authorzation number to return that, if you send this back with out following the above recommendations then we cannot take this back it will be returned to you, Have someone read this with you to understand this

Allison PRokenel :upset

Troy, Michigan, United States #696400

Do not use pro kennel,,,,, Buy a transportin to carry my dog. full pay and received a very poor quality transportin.

pay $ 149.95 and the day I received it, the sipper got stuck. and is of very poor quality.

I called several times and they do not want RECEIVE back. :(

I sue if I don't give my money back.


It will take 12 days to get my order. i called 2 times and emailed 3 times and then had threaten them with the B.B.B.

after all that then they just shipped it.

should have got it in 5 days at the most. Never order bad bad.

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